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For any business to be successful it needs to be presented to as many customers as possible to make sales but its easier said than done. Well not any more. We have made sales the easiest function possible ......find out  how?

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Identify and connect with as many sales experts as you want in your target markets

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It is Verified, Tested, Trained, Rewarded and Industry Specific.

Our platform provides companies an opportunity to present their products or services to innumerable customers.

We match you with sales specialists dealing in your industry who have proven connect & capability to provide as many meetings as you want in your desired b2b,b2b2c,b2c markets, proven capability of closing deals in the required markets and market segments.

The platform offers a unique workflow for each industry and works best for companies who have short sales cycles and easy product training. SalesMoguls makes National and Global selling a reality at a fraction of your traditional selling cost.


Sales is Fun Now!


Business registers with
SalesMoguls and the name gets displayed in the list.


The business mentions the detailed contract.
- The requirement.
- Target market
- Value of the deal.
- Preferred way how the company wants to go about it.


The business doesn’t have to pay till the time the contract gets picked by a sales pro. No risk.


Sales Pro profile is matched with the company's sales need.


The matched profile will be sent to business or the business can directly connect to the sales professionals who are already verified, tested & listed on the platform. Once approved further process gets initiated.


Company and Sales experts connect and contract.


Company and Sales expert communicate, engage, train, coordinate and fulfill deal.


Deal fulfillment confirmation and payment to sales expert.




Ongoing engagement .


Value Proposition

Ease of Selling,Reduced Sales and Administration Cost are two main benefits drawn by a company by using this platform.

Lets take a point in case to understand the concept better

Let us see an example of how this platform helps you generate sales as well as save outflow of money from the company. There is an xyz company which markets its products and services to the schools.

Typically, companies expense includes salaries, administration etc. which in this case = Rs.120, 000/pm

So, yearly expense = Rs.14,40,000 per annum --- A

Conventional sales strategies :

The company needs to present its products/services to typically in
100 schools in a year. Let us see the sales cycle and cost of the same.

  • At least 4 sales personnel's are required for achieving the target with a presumption that each sales person will be able to generate 4-5 a in a month.
  • It takes about a year to complete 100 presentations
  • Hiring and training a sales person and other sales cost such as conveyance , telephone etc.
  • @ Rs. 35,000/per-person/pm
  • For four sales executives ,the cost per month
    4x 35,000=Rs,1,40,000pm
  • Sales Cost for 12 months = Rs.16,80,000 per annum-B
  • Total cost A+B= 14,40,000+16,80,000=31,20,000 per annum

Game changer sales strategies :

  • With us you can work out 100 schools in 3 -4 months (since you can pick up as many sales experts in each location or multiple locations as you desire
  • Cost of sales for 100 schools =Rs500,000 + Rs. 4,80,000 ( rent, admin, salaries overheads etc cost) = Rs.9,80,000
  • Savings on Monetary front = Rs21,40,000 (Rs.31,20,000 –Rs. 9,80,000)


  • Saving on Time = 8 months

Not to mention the number of visits, time, money and effort put in seeking each meeting and relationship development needed for converting a prospect to customer


Leapfrogging Revenue, Fat Profits, Time Saving

No need to hire sales professionals and pay salaries
No need to wait for months to get meeting with your prospective customers/clients
It’s very easy now to showcase your product/services to the customer
Follow up and close sales deals, generate sales revenue and profits
Just Register and start selling