It is a platform which brings together an entrepreneur and a well-connected sales professional or a liaise at one place. Entrepreneur gets the benefit of outreaching his qualified sales leads and increases his sales in no time. Liaise benefits by encashing on his valuable network.

In coming times, it is going to cater to every significant industry.

Yes, any entrepreneur can come and register with us for free for any sales contract on which he seeks help from well-connected professionals / entrepreneurs /liaise.

Please look into the website for details or you can call us on our mobile no. 8800164020

It will be a mutual understanding between the two parties.

The process is explained on the website or else you can call us.

It would depend on the domain expertise listed by you and your profile.


That would be based on your agreement with the chosen company.

We provide sales services for your accelerated growth! Besides, providing you with the platform to enable you to connect with the right sales mediator, we can help you from making sales strategies to execution. We offer sales services that drive sustainable growth for start-ups and mid-market firms.

It will not be ‘Sales Moguls’’ responsibility. It ’s a platform wherein we make companies meet the right match of sales professional for a particular sales deal.