Apt Engagement for Snowballing Revenue

For Companies

  • We help businesses meet their sales targets by providing them access to the right sales pros who help accelerate revenue growth. SalesMoguls is an incredible tool for you if you are an entrepreneur, a start-up, a company launching a new product or accessing a new market and are in the process of building your sales machinery. We help you access sales professionals with experience and seasoning who can work with you on a variable cost, deal- by- deal or contractual basis with a range of flexible pricing models. This helps you to scale-up the sales reach of your product / service offering with minimum fixed costs or set up time, infrastructure and administrative cost. You can avail of the sales pro’s services in various areas such as market-product testing, prospect customers feedback, lead generation, meetings scheduling, sales pitch, lead conversion, client trainings, ongoing client relationship maintenance, channel partners empanelment, training, development and relationship management etc

For Sales Pro

  • We give access to a flow and choice of sales deals with a spectrum of industries to sales experts who are well connected in any of the domains. This could be in – Education / F & B / Health / IT / Pharma / FMCG and various others. The salespros get freedom of choice, time flexibility and can pursue a career in sales as per their passion as an alternate to traditional employment model. They also get the opportunity to engage in a range of new age products and associate with a range of new age, well established or foreign companies and thus keep their knowledge, skills and intellectual capabilities updated and sharpened all the time.

Amazing time



  • Ecommerce Platform Global Access & Reach On-boarding Workflow Communication Module Feedback Process Protected Payment Mechanism
  • And all this by enabling the following benefits, functionalities and support activities:
  • On-board SalesPros on an ongoing basis across industries, domains, sales expertise
  • Review and approve registrations. Provide access to information on Sales Deals & Sales Professionals on the platform
  • Help companies to connect with suitable Sales Professionals- SalesPros
  • Collect payments at appropriate stages to ensure safekeeping and settlement. Maintain account reconciliations
  • Releases the payment to SalesPro net of its arrangement fee as agreed with SalesPros
  • Periodically monitor pending deals and offer support as much as possible to ensure mutual success
  • Ensure healthy relationship between both the parties.
  • Monitor performance of Sales Pros through feedback, ratings and blacklisting
  • Monitor on-going and future needs of companies and new age solutions
  • Engage to understand any special needs and requirements and how best we can fulfill them
  • Continuously add functionalities and features such as workflows, analytics, reports, sales certifications, scoreboards, deal metrics, consulting verticals, new age sales products and solutions, sales trainings , alerts, bookmarks, etc
  • Every start-up, every company needs sales. Our platform introduces you to a ready network of sales pros. who have a ready network in your target market and right connect with your future customers. These sales pros are willing to share their network of customer and contacts with you.